Geothermal Tax Credits & Incentives

Whether you’re a renter, homeowner, or business owner, you’ll find easy, energy efficiency incentives that are good for the grid, and great for your wallet. See how you could this year by making your home more energy efficient.

  • Con Edison has rebates up to $2,850/ton.
  • Customers installing systems have never saved more!
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Renewable, sustainable energy could be right in your backyard. Find out if geothermal is right for you! The Geothermal Rebate Program offers rebates to customers who install an energy efficient, properly sized, geothermal system.

  • PSEG Long Island has rebates up to $2,000/ton.
  • On the average house, these incentives can average more than $9,000.
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* ZBF Geothermal in 2018 received an award for saving our clients the most amount of money out of all air conditioning and heating contractors. And that’s on top of the long term savings associated with a geothermal system.

Tax Credits & Incentives

In February 2018, the tax credit was reinstated through 2019 and can be retroactively applied to installations placed in service on January 1, 2017 or later. Geothermal equipment that uses the stored solar energy from the ground for heating and cooling and that meets ENERGY STAR requirements at the time of installation is eligible for the tax credit. The credit has no limit and there's no limitation on the number of times the credit can be claimed.

US Tax Credits Through 2021

The energy tax credit can be combined with solar and wind credits as well as energy efficiency upgrade credits. The energy tax credit can be combined with solar and wind credits as well as energy efficiency upgrade credits. While the 30% credit expired at the end of 2019, a 26% credit is still available through 2020. The incentive is set to decrease once again down to 22% in 2021, though, so act quickly to save the most on your installation.

Check For More Local Incentives

In addition to the federal tax credit, some state, local, and utility incentives may be available in your area for even more savings on installing a geothermal heat pump. Check out the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) website to find policies and incentives in your area.

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ZBF Geothermal is proud to serve the people of Long Island and the surrounding area with prompt, quality service. We install high quality geothermal products which have industry leading warranties and performance. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Call 516-992-5566 today to schedule a service appointment or for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll help determine the perfect system for your home or business.

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Zachary Fink, the founder of ZBF Geothermal, is third generator air conditioning and heating. Going full circle, his grandfather started his company to convert clients from coal to oil hot water heating. This uncle started S.A. Fink Associates and installed hundreds of geothermal systems going back to the 1970’s, along with converting customers from oil to natural gas. Since starting in the industry, Zach quickly identified the need for a company focused on high quality geothermal installations. After leaving S.A. Fink, Zach started geothermal divisions at two companies before founding ZBF Geothermal in 2012. In his families 70 years in the air conditioning and heating industries on Long Island, they’ve been on the front lines of every, what at the time, seemed like a cutting-edge technology to emerge.

ZBF Geothermal has been involved in the design, installation, and servicing of some of Long Island and New York City’s highest profile geothermal systems, including Beach Green Dunes II, NYC’s first closed loop affordable passive housing project located in Far Rockaway, NY. Clients have included Google X, National Grid, L+M Development, and thousands of residential clients throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

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