Net Zero Homes

Net Zero Homes

Net Zero homes are increasing in popularity as more and more people delve into the realm of renewable energy and realize the possibilities associated with it. Maybe you want to reduce your energy bills as much as you possibly can. Or maybe you just really want your home to be ultra-efficient and earth-friendly. By combining on-site power generation like solar or wind technology with energy-efficient construction and appliances, your home can collect enough energy as it needs to operate on an annual basis. Now that's smart.

Reduce Utility Energy

One of the best and most effective ways to achieve net zero status is by installing a geothermal comfort system. A geothermal system uses the solar heat stored in the earth, rather than creating heat for your home with fossil fuels. That's how it reduces utility bills more than any other heating and cooling solution.

ZBF Geothermal is Long Island’s expert at minimizing the energy consumption of geothermal systems.

Each year ZBF Geothermal visits hundreds of homes and in 2019 installed over 100 geothermal heat pumps, the most on Long Island. Our experienced designers, installers, and service technicians have pioneered techniques that have since been adopted in the industry on optimizing geothermal system. These techniques result in geothermal systems installed in these homes using as much as 20% less energy compared to untweaked systems.

Retain ZBF Geothermal’s services at the beginning of the project! Each year we hear from clients that they wish they’ve gotten ZBF Geothermal involved earlier on their new construction home. The earlier we’re involved in a project, the earlier we can become the energy champions, a role that’s typically overlooked. As part of our design modeling, we can easily model what if scenarios… What if I improved the insulation in the house? Is it cost effective? What if I improved the windows? What if I finished the basement? ZBF Geothermal can help you answer those questions and more while focusing on the total energy usage of the system. As we reduce the size of the geothermal system and load required for the house, we also reduce the size of the solar system required to achieve Net Zero.

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About ZBF Geothermal

ZBF Geothermal is proud to serve the people of Long Island and the surrounding area with prompt, quality service. We install high quality geothermal products which have industry leading warranties and performance. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Call 516-992-5566 today to schedule a service appointment or for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll help determine the perfect system for your home or business.

Our team services most major brands of geothermal and HVAC equipment. We’ve been proudly serving ZBF Geothermal and the surrounding area with top of the line products, service, and maintenance for years and hope to do the same for you, give us a call today!

Zachary Fink, the founder of ZBF Geothermal, is third generator air conditioning and heating. Going full circle, his grandfather started his company to convert clients from coal to oil hot water heating. This uncle started S.A. Fink Associates and installed hundreds of geothermal systems going back to the 1970’s, along with converting customers from oil to natural gas. Since starting in the industry, Zach quickly identified the need for a company focused on high quality geothermal installations. After leaving S.A. Fink, Zach started geothermal divisions at two companies before founding ZBF Geothermal in 2012. In his families 70 years in the air conditioning and heating industries on Long Island, they’ve been on the front lines of every, what at the time, seemed like a cutting-edge technology to emerge.

ZBF Geothermal has been involved in the design, installation, and servicing of some of Long Island and New York City’s highest profile geothermal systems, including Beach Green Dunes II, NYC’s first closed loop affordable passive housing project located in Far Rockaway, NY. Clients have included Google X, National Grid, L+M Development, and thousands of residential clients throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

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